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Supermarket car parks become unlikely UFO hotspot with 1 in 10 sightings reported there

April 6, 2024, 7:55 p.m. • Daily Star • (6 Minute Read)

Supermarket car parks have become an unlikely hotspot for UFO sightings, with one in ten reported sightings occurring there, a survey by Freebets.com revealed. The survey of 2,000 UK adults found that thousands of shoppers claimed to have had close encounters while loading their groceries into their cars. Some believe that the bright spotlights of the UK’s 12,700 stores are a magnet for aliens. Spokesperson Tim Agnew expressed shock at how many people believe they’ve had an encounter. Meanwhile, a self-declared UFO expert claimed to have found the "Holy Grail" of evidence after allegedly spotting a giant "boomerang-shaped" aircraft on an International Space Station livestream. The reported sighting has sparked conversations about the possibility of aliens visiting supermarket car parks and has raised further discussions about the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Why Has US Military And Government's Made Efforts To Hide UFO Sightings

April 4, 2024, 9:03 p.m. • Times Now • (7 Minute Read)

The United States Department of Defense recently released a comprehensive report titled “Report on the Historical Record of U.S. Government Involvement with Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Volume I” addressing the longstanding speculation of a government cover-up of extraterrestrial encounters. Major General Pat Ryder contested the allegations, stating the lack of substantial evidence to support claims of access to or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial technology. Despite the Pentagon's extensive review of sources, skepticism persists among conspiracy theorists and independent investigators. The report also references the Netflix series "Files Of The Unexplained," examining various encounters with unexplained phenomena. The ongoing debate surrounding UFO sightings, Pentagon report, government transparency, extraterrestrial encounters, and the Netflix series is expected to continue in light of this report.

Pascagoula Alien Abduction: Fact-Checking What Happened On The Fishing Trip?

April 4, 2024, 8:27 p.m. • Times Now • (8 Minute Read)

The Pascagoula Alien Abduction of 1973, involving fishermen Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker Jr., remains a polarizing event in UFO lore. While on a fishing trip on the west bank of the Pascagoula River, Hickson and Parker allegedly witnessed a flying oval-shaped object with flashing blue lights, claims of being paralyzed by an unknown force, and encountering three eerie creatures who took them onboard. Skeptics have raised doubts about the veracity of their accounts, while believers stand firm, leaving the incident to continue to fascinate and fuel ongoing debates about extraterrestrial encounters. Despite the criticisms, Hickson and Parker have maintained their claims, with the event continuing to captivate public interest decades later.

I was told to stop asking questions about UFOs – I was warned there would be riots if truth got out, says US congressman

April 4, 2024, 12:30 p.m. • The US Sun • (3 Minute Read)

US Congressman Tim Burchett has been warned to stop asking questions about UFOs, as he claims that "people couldn't handle" the truth and that there would be riots if details were disclosed. Burchett, a long-term advocate for disclosure, intends to push for more hearings on the UFO phenomena. He revealed that someone at Capitol Hill urged him to stop pursuing transparency over UFOs, but he insists on bringing forward whistleblowers to reveal more information. Former intelligence officer David Charles Grusch made extraordinary claims that the US has wreckage from "non-human craft" and even "dead pilots," sparking a UFO shockwave through Washington DC. Despite the Pentagon's denial of evidence of aliens visiting Earth, Burchett challenges someone inside the defense department to come forward with hard evidence to expose the cover-up.

Western US residents report the most UFO sightings -- what are they actually seeing?

April 4, 2024, noon • Space.com • (5 Minute Read)

Residents in the western United States are reporting a higher number of UFO sightings, according to a new study. The study, based on about 98,000 reports over 20 years, found that environmental factors such as light pollution, cloud cover, and proximity to airports and military installations influence the number of reported UFO sightings. Additionally, the study suggests that the region's wide-open spaces, pleasant weather, and historical relationship with UFO sightings contribute to the high number of reports. Researchers are continuing to explore patterns in the data to better understand these sightings and distinguish between anomalous and non-anomalous reports.

Bizarre UFO sightings that sparked awe and wonder

April 4, 2024, 9:34 a.m. • The Times of India • (1 Minute Read)

On April 4, 2024, a series of bizarre UFO sightings around the globe have sparked awe and wonder. From the famous Roswell crash of New Mexico in 1947 to the mysterious glowing orbs of Hessdalen Valley in Norway, these incidents continue to captivate the public's curiosity. The sightings range from the Roswell Incident, Area 51 in Nevada, the lights in Phoenix, the metallic object in Rendlesham Forest, the Shag Harbour drowning, the Belgium wave of UFOs, to the Westall UFO incident in Australia. Despite official explanations and investigations, these sightings remain unexplained, leaving room for speculation and fascination with the unknown.

Nuclear powerplant becomes UFO hotspot with '10 sightings in a single month'

March 28, 2024, 10:57 a.m. • Express • (4 Minute Read)

The Kudankulam Nuclear Plant in the town of Tirunelveli, India has reportedly become a hotspot for UFO sightings, with as many as 10 reported within a single month. The sightings include the observation of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) around the nuclear power plant, described to have been seen flying in a peculiar "zigzag" pattern and emitting intensely bright light across the night sky. The initial sighting was allegedly reported just 10 days after another individual claimed to have witnessed a UFO in a nearby village along the coastline of Chennai. The nuclear plant, with ongoing construction to open Unit Six in partnership with Russian-state-owned Atomstroyexport, had previous incidents of shutdowns and protests. Since the initial UFO sighting, there have been no further reports, and neither the Indian government nor the nuclear plant management have made any official comments on these occurrences.

Chilling moment saucer-shaped UFO hovers over oil rig near where locals believe there is an 'alien b...

March 21, 2024, 2:25 p.m. • The Sun • (3 Minute Read)

In a chilling incident, two saucer-shaped UFOs were spotted hovering above a giant oil rig near a secret "alien base" off the coast of Mexico. Locals believe that the area is home to an underwater alien hideout called Amupac, which is said to protect the community from natural disasters. Images taken by a crew member onboard the oil rig show the bizarre objects, with one appearing to have glowing lights at the bottom and the other displaying three illuminated dots in a peculiar triangle shape. Reports of "nine unidentified objects" in the sky support the theory of an alien presence. Additionally, the area has been seemingly protected from natural disasters, leading to widespread belief in the existence of the underwater alien stronghold. The legend of Amupac has become an integral part of local culture, with the community embracing the idea through alien-themed businesses and merchandise. These extraordinary sightings contribute to the growing discussion of UFOs and aliens as a matter of national security.

'Aliens' have been 'monitoring' Earth's nuclear weapons for decades, claims expert

March 17, 2024, 1:56 p.m. • Irish Star • (5 Minute Read)

An expert's claim that aliens have been 'monitoring' Earth's nuclear weapons for decades has sparked renewed interest in the connection between UFOs and nuclear facilities. Since the 1940s, there have been countless reports of UFOs near military and nuclear sites, as well as unexplained aerial phenomena during military conflicts. Investigative journalist George Knapp, who has been studying the link between UFOs and nuclear power for over 30 years, has collected documents from the Departments of Defence and Energy. He has found dramatic incidents where unknown craft appeared over nuclear facilities, leaving workers mystified. Additionally, recent sightings by F-18 fighter jet pilots from the USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz have added to the activity. The expert's claims have brought attention to the potential risks posed by the presence of UFOs near nuclear weapons.

Villagers claim they are living among aliens, UFOs and inter-dimensional portals

March 16, 2024, 12:41 p.m. • The Mirror • (3 Minute Read)

Villagers in a remote part of the world have made a sensational claim that they live among aliens, UFOs, and inter-dimensional portals. Located near the UNESCO Mapimí Biosphere Reserve in Mexico, the small settlement of Linda Vista is said to be home to one of three sites of the "Zone of Silence," where alleged UFO sightings occur frequently, and an urban legend insists that radio signals and communication cannot be received. Community leader Eugenio Aguilar and local resident Evangelina Alvarado assert that they have seen and captured videos and photos of mysterious flying objects and extraterrestrial life forms. A team of reporters from the Mexican TV channel Telediario even witnessed a bright light traveling in the sky, altering its course before disappearing. Despite the claims, previous investigations have debunked similar occurrences, attributing them to natural materials rather than extraterrestrial presence.

UFO sightings as reported in February 2024

March 14, 2024, 6:44 p.m. • AlienLife.net • (3 Minute Read)
In the latest compendium covering the 30 days ending March 12, 2024, the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) reported 298 new UFO sightings, with 28 of these being notably credible, including testimonies from airline pilots and detailed close-range encounters. The United States led with 91 reports, highlighting its status as a UFO hotspot, with additional sightings reported globally from countries such as South Africa, Canada, Romania, and others, showcasing the worldwide nature of UFO occurrences. The sightings varied in shapes, with 'Orb' being the most common, followed by a diverse range including Circle, Triangle, and Fireball, among others. Noteworthy encounters included a high-speed chase in Rockford, IL, a spectacular light display over Pittsburgh, PA, and other remarkable sightings that contribute to NUFORC's extensive archive of over 170,000 reports, emphasizing the ongoing effort to understand these mysterious phenomena.

Where we might find aliens in the next decade

March 12, 2024, 11:04 p.m. • ASEAN NOW • (4 Minute Read)

A realistic approach to finding extraterrestrial life has captivated scientists worldwide, with tangible results anticipated within the next decade, according to a recent news story. Scientists are focusing on diverse initiatives such as probing the Martian terrain, investigating distant exoplanets, and exploring icy moons within our solar system as potential habitats for life beyond Earth. The Mars Sample Return mission, aimed at retrieving samples from Mars for analysis, offers a promising avenue. Advanced telescopes like the James Webb Space Telescope are being used to scrutinize distant exoplanets for signs of life, and radio observations and signal detection initiatives are underway to detect potential communications from distant civilizations. Despite recent discoveries on Venus and exoplanets, scientists emphasize the importance of cautious interpretation and gradual validation in the event of discovering evidence of alien life. Ultimately, the pursuit of extraterrestrial life enriches our understanding of the cosmos and our place within it, ushering humanity into an extraordinary voyage of scientific inquiry and exploration.

DC's UFO Lobbyist Blasts Pentagon Report Claiming No Alien Coverup

March 12, 2024, 3:53 p.m. • Washingtonian • (5 Minute Read)

In a recent 63-page report released by the Department of Defense, the conclusion states that there is no evidence of a government coverup regarding the existence of alien life. The report also refutes claims from whistleblowers and former government officials of a coverup. However, Stephen Bassett, DC's first registered UFO lobbyist, strongly disagrees with the report, calling it "completely false from top to bottom." Bassett has been advocating for lawmakers to take UFOs seriously and seeking "disclosure," a formal acknowledgment by the government of an extraterrestrial presence. He believes that social media and the internet have played a significant role in increasing pressure on the government to address this issue. Bassett also states that despite the report, the fight for disclosure continues and that the public's reaction through social media and the internet will discredit the report. This conversation has stirred controversy and skepticism among the public, with many expressing their disbelief in the report's findings on social media.

The 4 Big Questions the Pentagon's New UFO Report Fails to Answer

March 11, 2024, 5:52 p.m. • WIRED • (7 Minute Read)

The Pentagon's new UFO report raises more questions than answers, failing to fully address the mysterious phenomena. Commissioned by Congress, the 63-page report denies any confirmation of extraterrestrial technology in unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) sightings. However, it doesn't delve into what the secret programs and technologies actually are, leaving room for speculation. The report suggests that some programs may involve unexplained or advanced technology from adversary nations, secret military aircraft, experimental propulsion systems, or even revolutionary developments in physics. These unresolved mysteries challenge our understanding of government science and technology and could potentially revolutionize our knowledge of the universe.

UFO expert shares 'eerie' moment he 'summoned' an alien spaceship

March 10, 2024, 10:06 p.m. • Irish Star • (5 Minute Read)

In a new documentary on Amazon Prime, a British UFO expert shares an eerie moment where he "summoned" an alien spaceship. The film investigates the CE5 (Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind) protocols, developed by UFO experts, which supposedly allow people to contact and summon aliens and UFOs. Filmmaker Mark Christopher Lee decided to film the rituals and, with friends and fellow UFO enthusiasts, attempted to summon an alien craft on Woodcock Hill in Hertfordshire. After finishing filming, they spotted something high up that wasn't a star or a plane and managed to capture it on camera. The documentary faced several mysterious setbacks, including unexpected issues preventing co-producer Guy Thompson from attending the filming. Mark Christopher Lee has a history of urging the UK government to reveal the "truth" about what is known regarding aliens. This comes at a time when the concept of aliens visiting Earth has sparked the imagination of theorists and movie makers, as well as practical jokes.

UFO sightings: Pentagon reveals cause of 1960s uptick in 'extraterrestrial' activity

March 8, 2024, 8:27 p.m. • The Independent • (3 Minute Read)

In a report presented to Congress, the Pentagon revealed that the surge in UFO sightings since the 1960s was mainly caused by the US military testing spy planes and space technology. The report stated that there is "no evidence" of the US government having interactions with aliens. It also attributed the influence of pop culture, TV programs, books, movies, and internet content to shaping public opinion on UFOs. The report debunked an alleged leaked memo about UFOs and confirmed that an "alien spacecraft" sample was made mostly of earthly materials. Furthermore, the report highlighted the significant increase in reports of unidentified objects due to government and commercial drones, new satellites, and errant weather balloons. The Pentagon spokesperson emphasized that most sightings were misidentifications and ordinary objects, while only a small percentage required further investigation. Interest in UFOs has grown rapidly, with public attention drawn to claims of non-human origin craft and corpses, which were subsequently dismissed. The establishment of a formal office to investigate reports of unidentified aerial phenomena signals increasing public interest and discussion surrounding this topic. Public interest in UFOs has grown substantially, with a Gallup poll showing that over 40% of Americans believe in the visitation of alien spacecraft, constituting an increase from 33% in just two years.

Could AI help scientists find aliens? Or are aliens actually AI?

Feb. 26, 2024, 11 p.m. • Deseret News • (2 Minute Read)

In a quest to find extraterrestrial life, scientists are turning to AI for assistance. The Seti Institute, in collaboration with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in New Mexico, is using AI technology to analyze vast amounts of data from radio astronomy in an effort to detect potential signals from alien civilizations. However, there is also speculation that aliens themselves could be AI entities. Martin Rees, the U.K.’s Astronomer Royal at Cambridge University, suggests that extraterrestrial life might manifest as machine-like or AI entities, making their detection through traditional biological means challenging. This notion underscores the need for scientists to explore "technosignatures" alongside conventional biosignatures as they continue the search for alien intelligence.

Map shows New York UFO sightings since the year 2000 with thousands spotted

Feb. 19, 2024, 1:29 p.m. • Irish Star • (5 Minute Read)

New York has been the scene of a large number of UFO sightings since the year 2000, according to a map produced by The National UFO Reporting Center. The center, which was established in 1974, aims to receive and record reports of unusual, possibly UFO-related events. The interactive map on their website reveals that there have been a total of 5,908 sightings of supposed UFOs in New York since 2000, with green dots denoting recent sightings and red dots representing historical ones. The center guarantees anonymity for those who report sightings, and the map is available for public access from 2000 to the present day. Recent reports include an object with lights spotted in Potsdam on February 14 and a "flying orb" observed in Fultonville on February 10.

Inside top secret RAF base dubbed 'Britain's Area 51' where time stands still and 'ALIENS hide in undergr...

Feb. 17, 2024, 7:37 a.m. • The Sun • (5 Minute Read)

A former RAF base in Wiltshire, known as "Britain's Area 51," has sparked rumors of aliens hiding in its underground tunnels. Rudloe Manor, formerly a top-secret military base, has become a focal point for UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists. Declassified government files revealed its history of UFO investigations, fueling speculations about spacecraft wreckage and alien corpses being kept there. Despite the eerie atmosphere and isolated location, local residents dismiss the rumors as products of Cold War paranoia, emphasizing the base's original purpose. The abandoned base's overgrown grounds and dilapidated buildings have become a target for break-ins, with amateur investigators claiming to have found "X Files" documents and secret UFO investigation offices. Despite the speculation, the base's true history remains shrouded in mystery, adding to its enigmatic allure.

Art, aliens and the open road: a trip on Nevada's extraterrestrial highway

Feb. 15, 2024, 4:21 p.m. • Dazed • (4 Minute Read)

A road trip along Nevada's Free-Range Art Highway and Extraterrestrial Highway takes a left turn into alien country in this news story. The journey covers 500 miles between Las Vegas and Reno, passing ghost towns, UFO hotspots, and remote land art installations. The trail showcases towering art installations, a ghost town with a mysterious art museum, and a graveyard of buried vehicles. The route also intersects with the Extraterrestrial Highway near Area 51, where locals share stories of encounters with military operatives and UFO sightings. Throughout the journey, a sense of faith in the existence of aliens, the principles of the Wild West, and the power of art unites the communities along the route, sparking intrigue and wonder about the existence of intelligent beings beyond human understanding.