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NUFORC Releases Compelling New UFO Sightings for May 2024

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The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) has updated its extensive database with 78 new sighting reports received over the past month. Among these, NUFORC has highlighted five particularly noteworthy incidents, primarily those reported by airline pilots and other cockpit crew members, as well as dramatic, close-range sightings of anomalous objects. Here is a detailed analysis of the latest UFO sightings and an overview of the top five reports.

UFO Sightings Analysis

Sightings by Country:

  • USA: 68 sightings
  • Other countries: India, Puerto Rico, Canada, Spain, Nigeria, South Africa, and the Marshall Islands

Sightings by State (USA):

  • California (CA): 8 reports
  • Arizona (AZ): 7 reports
  • Massachusetts (MA): 6 reports
  • Various other states had multiple reports, with some states having only one report each.

Sightings by Shape:

  • Orb: 14 sightings
  • Light: 11 sightings
  • Other shapes included "Triangle," "Circle," "Unknown," "Disk," "Changing," "Fireball," "Sphere," "Star," "Oval," "Cone," "Cylinder," "Cigar," "Diamond," "Formation," "Rectangle," "Chevron," and "Teardrop."

Top 5 Intriguing UFO Reports

Report #1: Rock Island, IL, USA

  • NUFORC Sighting ID: 181062
  • Date and Time: April 5, 2024, at 03:50 local time
  • Duration: 7 minutes
  • Observers: 3
  • Details:
    • Shape: Other
    • Color: Silver and black
    • Size: 2-3 football fields
    • Characteristics: Lights on object, emitted beams
    • Description: Observers saw a massive craft with a bright beam of light, resembling a huge spider. The craft was silent, hovering and moving slowly. It had red lights flashing in the middle and emitted a beam that blinded the witnesses. The object eventually disappeared above an empty cornfield.

Report #2: Seagoville, TX, USA

  • NUFORC Sighting ID: 181300
  • Date and Time: April 8, 2024, at 19:45 local time
  • Duration: 2-3 minutes
  • Observers: 1
  • Details:
    • Shape: Triangle
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 30-50 feet
    • Characteristics: Lights on object
    • Description: A witness observed a black triangular craft with bright white lights in each corner, hovering silently about 75 feet above ground. The object slowly disappeared into a cloud.

Report #3: Yucca, AZ, USA

  • NUFORC Sighting ID: 181168
  • Date and Time: April 12, 2024, at 20:10 local time
  • Duration: 10-15 minutes
  • Observers: 1 (pilot)
  • Details:
    • Shape: Oval
    • Color: Unknown metallic
    • Size: Roughly the size of a large bus
    • Characteristics: Lights on object, aura or haze, emitted beams
    • Description: A pilot witnessed and filmed an oblong craft with a large directional light and a visible window. The object emitted colorful flashes before disappearing.

Report #4: Indio, CA, USA

  • NUFORC Sighting ID: 181173
  • Date and Time: April 12, 2024, at 20:30 local time
  • Duration: ~10 seconds each, 4 times
  • Observers: 30
  • Details:
    • Shape: Oval
    • Color: Gray
    • Characteristics: Aircraft nearby
    • Description: During a stargazing trip, multiple gray oval objects were observed flying overhead in various formations. Witnesses, including NASA scientists, debated the anomalous nature of the objects.

Report #5: Navarre, FL, USA

  • NUFORC Sighting ID: 181169
  • Date and Time: April 12, 2024, at 21:56 local time
  • Duration: 35 seconds
  • Observers: 3 (military personnel)
  • Details:
    • Shape: Triangle
    • Color: Black, camouflaged
    • Size: Slightly larger than a commercial Airbus
    • Characteristics: Lights on object
    • Description: Military personnel observed a large, silent triangular craft with approximately 16 lights, which seemed to leave orbit rather than fly over the horizon.

About the National UFO Reporting Center

For over five decades, the National UFO Reporting Center has been dedicated to the collection and dissemination of objective UFO data. The Center's primary function is to receive, record, and document reports from individuals witnessing unusual, potentially UFO-related events. To date, NUFORC has processed over 170,000 reports and shared its findings with thousands of individuals.

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